Let It Go

Let It Go

When that relationship begins whatever it is, what should go through our minds? How long will it last or how long we hope it will last? I guess those are the questions we shouldn’t ask, but we do! Whether it’s right at the beginning or throughout the relationship. It’s not a negative thought, there are many emotions that are related to those questions.

1. Emotions_

Fear because you don’t want to lose the relationship. Sadness because you might lose the relationship. Surprised because you even have the relationship. Happiness because you still have the relationship. Anger because you’re still in it.

2. Red Zone_

There it is people. The anger part or annoyed or bored. Whatever it is you’re in the red. Now every relationship goes into the red zone (Not red for love, red for danger!!!!!). There are many that chose to push through it, fight it or just stay in it. If you chose to stay in it then that is one miserable relationship. Unless we are looking at it from a red meaning love perspective. There is no point in remaining in something that just makes you feel stuck like you can’t be happy again.

3. Time_

Time to let it go. I’d rather be able to wake up in the morning and recognize myself, then seeing a complete stranger. When you lose yourself it can become harder to get back. You could have even spent that time before you met that person finding yourself and to have that taken away, is not worth it.

4. Be Free_

Ain’t no clouds in my sky (Although London is not helping in that weather department). Chose to let it go. Be free to be you again.

“So come on, let it go, Just let it be, Why don’t you be you, And I’ll be me.”

5. Don’t Compare_

The same questions will come to mind in a new relationship but don’t compare it to the last. Otherwise, you’re just going to start in the red zone. That is something I really need to realize. Clearly, I have because I just said it, but I need to take action! The next relationship may be the same as before but GUESS WHAT, it’s like searching for a pair of really nice new trainers (Sneakers, Zapatillas, Baskets). You may find it quickly or have to search to a website abroad and get it shipped over taking longer but it will be worth the wait!! (Gotta love my examples!).

6. Not Just Relationships_

This could be about work or any decision you made that you feel you need to let go of. Sometimes we find ourselves in tough situations where it’s not easy to just let go. We can make the first step in the right direction. We all have goals and the light at the end of the tunnel even if it feels like it’s miles away. Keep pushing!

7. Just Let It Be_

There are going to be others that would want to have an input into your decision. You can receive them but this is about you. This is about your situation. Let it be and bring on the next chapter.

8. Smile_

We all know we need more smiles.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell


– Let It Go –

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Say You Won’t Let Go

Say You Won’t Let Go

I’ve mentioned in the past about the things that we should let go. I didn’t really stress about the things that we shouldn’t let go. As difficult as it can be to let things go, it’s just as hard to hold on.

1. The Right Thing_

There have been many times I’ve let things go because I literally thought it was the right thing to do. Other times I was thinking too much about the past and convinced myself the same thing would happen again. The question is how will you know? Majority of the time you find out when it’s too late.

2. The Descision_

I don’t want to fall into the trap of hoping things will get better and they don’t or letting things go when the future later shows it would have gotten better.

3. How?_

So what do you do? How do you know the relationship is going to last? How do you know the job is going to turn around? How do you know you will do a good job being a parent? How do you know you will be there when that person needs you?

4. Time_

Time can be wasted. Yes, but if you don’t take that leap of faith you will never know. The constant speculations doesn’t help but if you know deep down that this is the right thing to do. If you believe there is something. Commit yourself. You may be blamed for even trying if things fall apart but you truly thought it would work out. Not everything works out and that’s okay, that’s just how life. Don’t look back with regret look back with pride that you took that opportunity to try.

“Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go.”

5. You Don’t Really Know_

I would have loved to grow up with both parents but the decision was clearly made. If he truly thought he could stay then he would have no excuses behind it. Now I look back and if he had stayed then that would have been a bad idea. If he was committed and made it work then I would have been happier. Let’s be honest there’s always something missing.

6. Think about it_

What is it worth?

7. Fight_

If you are willing to stay. If someone is willing to stay. Then it’s worth fighting for and if its easier than that then great! Don’t let go of something that can turn into something amazing. The end result may not be how you visioned it but if you’re still smiling like you was in that vision, I guess mission accomplished.

8. Say It_

Tell them you will try not to let go. Tell them you won’t let go.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell


– Say You Won’t Let Go –

Sam Smith



Believe In Me

Believe In Me

I know I can be insecure about myself, who isn’t? It can be the smallest things that people don’t even notice or the ones that everyone does. There are so many parts of ourselves we can be insecure about, from the things we do, to what we say and how we look. It’s a nightmare constantly thinking about it. Sometimes it just consumes you completely.

1. Overcome_

There are people out there that can overcome their insecurities in a day or maybe even a week. Then there are those like me who have taken so much longer. I mean we are talking about years.

2. Inseucrities_

Your insecurities always come from somewhere. Once upon a time we didn’t even notice them, but as we grow older we look around and begin to compare ourselves with others. There is one insecurity I have because someone told me it over and over again. I never even thought of it being an insecurity, but it’s like having a song on repeat eventually you will know all the words. Eventually I believed it and I thought it was true.

3. Push It Away_

I had to climb a mountain to overcome that insecurity. Not a real mountain but I’ve actually climbed a real mountain! You understand what I mean. As much as I wanted to fly to the top, I’m not Superwoman. There’s no such thing as shortcuts. I was told to forget it and stop worrying because I knew it wasn’t true. I did try to just push it aside, although it was like watching a in the Jack in the box.

4. Unknown_

I didn’t know when but I knew it would spring right back up. Me being the person I see in the mirror everyday. The person feeling so out of place. You are constantly reminded and the power of your insecurities has such a strong hold.

“So you see, I just wanna believe in me.”

5. The Rush_

When you are rushed to overcome your insecurities, I believe that it makes it worse. You put so much more pressure on yourself. Maybe this insecurity I have seems silly to others but it’s mine. I understand that people, especially those that are close to you are trying to help. I would just appreciate the patience and well as the support. The continuing tug would just make me fall back down to where I started with what got me there in the first place.

6. The Power_

Insecurity is powerful and has a hold of each one of us. Some may even have more than others. I just know with each insecurity I have, no matter how long it takes I will work on it.

7. Negativity_

I don’t want more negative words thrown at me, but that’s what makes you want to prove to yourself. It may just be later but I will.

8. Embrace_

The next step will be embracing that insecurity in a more positive and productive way.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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– Believe In Me –

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Showing that you’re scared is seen as a weakness, but we are all afraid of something. When you’re a child those fears are accepted. Once you’ve reached adulthood it’s as though you really have to hide them away. Where’s the humanity in that?

1. Nothing Different_

Women are seen to be more emotional than men. So it may not be a surprise that they may have the most fears. I do think that men are the same. I guess I shouldn’t say that, as their ‘role’ is to be the alpha male and not show it but it’s there. They just refuse to admit it and those that want to are afraid. They are afraid of what other people would say and how they would look at them after.

2. Actions_

If an intruder breaks into your home, the man of the house should check it out. I’m pretty sure the majority of their minds are thinking ‘Why don’t you check it out?’. No one is any weaker than anyone else. Fear is fear and we all have a weakness. So if someone confides in me about their fear I won’t burst out laughing. Even though it can be something silly, but so could mine.

3. The Hold_

Fear does take hold of you and when you’re faced with it. It’s just like those characters in the movies when you’re shouting at the screen telling them to run. You freeze. What do you do? How do you deal with it? What will happen?

4. The Force_

People can use your fears against you. It doesn’t mean I’m going to lock myself in a room for of spiders to prove others wrong or make myself immune from fear somehow. If you’re scared you’re scared. No need to prove anything to anyone and if you feel you must and you face it. You’ve taken that first step.

“Cause the fear in me just won’t go away.”

5. Facing It_

Once you have faced your fear that can be all you needed to overcome it. That’s the hard part. You’ve been trying to avoid it for so long and that may just have been what you need to get rid of it completely. You now know what to expect if it were to present itself again. To be honest, if I were locked in a room full of spiders, I still would never want to do that again!

6. The List_

We can also have positive looks on our fears. If it’s the fear of letting someone down and then you do, nobody’s perfect you’ve had a good track record so far. If it’s the fear of being left behind, someone will eventually push you forward. If it’s the fear of telling someone how you feel, at least you’ll finally know the real response, as opposed to playing different scenarios in your head driving yourself crazy. The list continues.

7. Losing Someone_

This is one of the biggest fears. It’s understandable. It’s hard. How do you continue? Will I forget? You want to freeze time or even go back. This is probably why many people may just want to get so close to anyone. It may hurt less… Don’t shut off because the truth is you may miss out on being with the most amazing people you would ever meet.

8. Choice_

I am scared of a few things. I’m sure I will continue to try and avoid them. I do however have a choice, I can go towards my fear or wait for the fear can come to me. This is fun..

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

– Nelson Mandela

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Comeback Story

Comeback Story

These shoes that I now wear have been through quite a lot. Including all the others that I’ve grown out of or broke. 

1. The Shoes_

I mean I can honestly say I’ve been through the motions and I’m still walking but in different shoes now. They are more comfortable and look great. I am talking about my new Skechers but I’m also talking about me. We all have our stories and that began the moment we were born.

2. Our Movies_

We have experienced the action, drama, horror, adventure, comedy and even Sci-fi. I haven’t seen an alien yet unless it’s a Men In Black thing and they are around but look like everyone else or the Neuralyzer has been used on me so many times.

3. Questions_

I have questioned myself and wondered how I have overcome what I have, but I’m just glad I did. There are those that come into our lives that don’t take the chance to understand or really get to know you. The experiences we go through change us maybe there’s have changed them to a point they just don’t care anymore.

4. Take The Moment_

So why not take that moment, to walk in each other’s shoes. I mean they can have my old ones because my Skechers are on a new journey. We will both get to understand one another better, even those parts we lack in ourselves. You never know they may be the ones to help fill that area.

“I walk a mile in your shoes and now I’m a mile away… and I got your shoes.”

5. Make It Fit_

If the shoe doesn’t fit, make it! No matter how tight and uncomfortable because that’s what some people have had to face. Deplete how quick you may be to judge.

6. The Mission_

I make it my mission to try and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. You can’t just look at a person and assume you know their story. Once I’m a mile away and have those shoes. I will give them back. It can be a complete stranger who is raging at me, I’ll sprint in their shoes for a moment. There’s a reason for why they are angry and that could be me or something unresolved. It’s just a waste of energy to fight back especially when the Hulk is involved. Unless we’re both angry then it’s Clash of the Titans. You never know that one calm or even funny response may have been all they needed to just chill out a bit.

7. The Story_

This could turn out to be a good story you tell. When you actually allow yourself to open up and really see others. It changes your perspective. Understand the choices and reasons as to why they are the way they are.

8. Spree_

So whether it’s a friend, family member or a stranger I will walk, glide, jog and even run in their shoes. It’s like going on a shopping spree some may look good or look really bad. Either way, there are shoes out there for everyone.

“Shoes define how you walk in the world and how you stand: like, what is your posture in life?” – Kerry Washington

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– Comeback Story –

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Nobody’s Perfect

Nobody’s Perfect

It’s true what they say, that nobody’s perfect. I guess we were at one point and that’s the moment we took our first breath on this earth. Who knew that later in life we would make so many mistakes. I say so many which include the small and big mistakes we have made.

1. Who?_

I mean who would you be if you were perfect anyway? How would you learn from your mistakes? You can easily say I just wouldn’t do what others do, but my question still remains. How would you learn from YOUR mistakes? It’s that feeling of regret, panic, and despair.

2. That Step_

I know that those are not good feelings to have, but after processing it you are prepared for the next step. That step is growth, you now know what to avoid so you don’t end up trapped in those feelings again. They can consume you and sometimes leave you stuck.

3. Take It For Granted_

There are those that do take it for granted, especially those who have been forgiven more than once. I mean there is a limit, right? It’s quite clear that if those same mistakes occur more than once it’s not a mistake anymore. It’s a choice. If you choose to continue, I can choose to let you go.

4. Challenge_

Majority of the time when it is someone close to you it can be hard. That is the challenge we face, but I’m sure having them feel the consequence is stronger than them being forgiven again. You let them off the hook, then how are we going to catch any fish??

“Cause nobody’s perfect, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, nobody’s perfect.”

5. Better or Worse_

There are worse mistakes that can be made. Those are the hardest ones to come back from. Those are the kind we definitely try to avoid.

6. Don’t Hide_

Nobody is perfect so don’t try to hide your mistakes. Get those jazz hands out and be honest. If you wait the reaction can be much worse. I say that but there are those that really punish people to the extreme when it’s unnecessary.

7. Let Down_

We all have someone that we really don’t want to let down. For some that can be everybody. If things fall apart, put it back together. Don’t feel that you failed. As long as you’re trying it makes a difference.

8. Continue_

I will continue with my days, I won’t prepare myself for the next thing I do wrong. As that is just setting doubt on myself. I’ll just stay focused on the next good thing that will happen.

“Nobody’s perfect, and to try to pretend you’re perfect is an exhausting fool’s errand.”           – Rosemary Mahoney

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– Nobody’s Perfect –

Jessie J




We are not always going to be 100%. There is always going to be something or someone that will tear us down. Disrupt our flow. Make us fall apart. Make us lose ourselves.

1. Fool Ourselves_

We may try and lie to others with a fake smile and say we are okay. I believe we do that to try and fool ourselves too. It doesn’t work because when the moment comes when we’re alone with nothing or no one to distract us, that feeling chases right up to us.

2. Feel_

We like to seem fine because we don’t to be seen as weak or a so-called ‘baby’ but we’re not. We feel and there’s nothing wrong with that no matter how old or who we are.

3. Be There_

It seems shocking when the person you thought had it all together suddenly breaks down. What do you do? I already know I feel nervous when someone is crying but I know I’m going to stay there. Everyone needs a shoulder. Everyone needs someone. We don’t need to be the best of friends but if your hurting there’s no need to be alone.

4. You Don’t Know_

We don’t know what happens behind closed doors and sometimes we want particular people to be there for us when we need them. Unfortunately, the person we want may not be there. They may have sadly passed away. They may still be around but we’ve gone our separate ways.

 “Hold, Hold on, Hold on to me, ‘Cause I’m a little unsteady, A little unsteady.”

5. The Push_

You may be pushed away or have someone disappear. You could be that person. It’s mainly because you feel embarrassed or don’t want to seem like a burden. As much as you know they’re not, you’re not either. Saying you need help a step forward.

6. Disrupt_

When we’re unsteady it can cause a disruption in our lives. It may seem like everything you come across beings to become as unsteady as you are. You can’t do this. You can’t do that. All the negativity takes its toll. This is just another hurdle you ARE going to jump over.

7. Home_

When you’re home everything feels right. Everything feels how it should. What if you’re unsteady at home? Ever heard of the saying ‘Home is where the heart is.’ We all see and feel home in different places. Go there. Be there. Take that time.

8. Hold On_

When I can’t hold myself up will you be there? If you can’t hold yourself up will I be there? You best believe it! If me holding you up from afar is enough then know it’s being done because we all need someone too. I’ll hold on as long as you need me to.

“One feels that the past stays the way you left it, whereas the present is in constant movement; it’s unstable all around you.”

– Tom Stoppard

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– Unsteady –

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Stuck In The Middle

Stuck In The Middle

Do you know what can be difficult? Being stuck between two friends that used to get along. The pressure is on. Why? Simply because they will have a lot to say about each other. It becomes more difficult because you don’t really want to hear the negative comments.

1. Civil_

As you’re the one in the middle you try to make things civil… keep it real… keep it 100, even when they don’t want to hear it.

2. Circumstances_

It all depends on what they have fallen out over. Sometimes it can be really minor and all you have to do is knock their heads together. If it’s worse then there is a challenge on your hands.

3. Choosing Sides_

You feel like you have to choose sides, or agree with what one of them are saying about the other. I try and be the messenger, trying to let them actually hear each other point of view. That way they actually listen and no scream or yell. Sure you can take your anger on me because I get you’re frustrated but all the facts need to be taken into account.

4. Listening_

If they’re not willing to hear still… then eventually something will bring them together and if not then I guess they weren’t meant to remain friends.

“And I’m wondering what it is I should do.”

5. Don’t Force It_

There’s no point trying to force something that may not get fixed. It would be nice to go back to how it was but the damage has been done. What happens as we move forward may be a nice happy ending or forever stuck.

6. Don’t Question Me_

They shouldn’t look at me as though I shouldn’t be talking to the other person. They never did anything to me and they need a friend just as much as the other person does. I won’t always agree with what has occurred for it to get to that point, but I would let that be known as well.

7. Supplies_

You’ll need a fully charged phone and probably one of those portable chargers if you’re going out. You’re going to be on call. Ice Cream is always great. Get your favourite flavour as it is your ear that may eventually fall off. Notepad and pen unless you take the notes in your head. They really need to know you’re listening. You may need to remember this for future conversations. A good venue just in case they are the spill their sorrows over a drink kind of person. Food, you may have to order take away as they may just turn up unexpectedly. A movie it doesn’t matter if it is a comedy they will still try and insert their situation into it. You may need a blanket as well it could be a long night, day then night.

8. Stuck_

It all depends on the circumstances and if it affects me, although I’m already feeling affected by being torn apart and stuck in the middle.

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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When Is It Ok To Say No?

When Is It Ok To Say No?

When Is It Ok To Say No?

Why keep saying yes? If the reason is that you don’t want to let them down. It’s not a good enough reason. We all have different priorities and things we would rather use our yes for. I was in a situation where I was always trying to please everyone while I broke myself down. I could clearly see where I was appreciated and acknowledged for saying yes. The moment I turned around and said no to the people that took me for granted they got angry. It was mainly people that have probably never heard someone say no to them before. Stand your ground. You shouldn’t be made to feel like you’re in the wrong or guilty for saying no. We are entitled to do what we want. Yes, I’m fully aware by simply saying no sometimes can go in one ear and out the other. You see how times have been changing and people are being exposed for who they are. That’s why we need to remain vocal. You’re not the only one. #supportoneanother

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​8 tips for healthy skin

​8 tips for healthy skin

Oh, right you’re here for the tips about the healthy looking skin! Great because I have quite a bit to tell you. The first thing I want to say is that you should NEVER feel ugly or be ashamed of who you are. We all go through acne, wrinkles, stretch marks or some may suffer from eczema. I did and I was embraced to show my arms but then I simply looked at them and look for ways to clear it up. That’s how you end up on articles like this one. My arms were still itchy but in time my arms cleared up. Did I get teased sure I was the one with the infected arms and I went along with it and now she’s gone. We’ve got this!

8. Cut the unhealthy_

You know smoking, sun damage and some would say junk food. I SAY NO! If I want a doughnut which I do often, I will have one. I just know I need to have some water and a few healthy options to counteract it. It’s like I’m making deals with myself. Eat this and I’ll give you two oranges and 20 sit-ups. I’m a good negotiator clearly.

7. Body Wash_

This is the clean version! Get it. Moving on, so below are some suggested products to check out if you haven’t already. They make an effort of making your skin feel hydrated and of course CLEAN! It would be great to get an exfoliating sponge just so you can really scrub that skin. (Not to much as it will you know be attached to the sponge) You know your skin best so they offer a range for dry, oily etc.. skin!


6. Lotion_

Just like hair you can towel dry or lounge around in a dressing gown and air dry. I mean you don’t use a dressing gown for hair but you get what I mean! These lotions below are highly recommended. They have huge ranges for different types of skin. Take your pick and there’s nothing wrong with trial and error just so you know the best product for you. Don’t just get Aveeno because you are a fan of Rachel from Friends. (That’s why I totally use it) Remember the more expensive doesn’t always mean the best.

5. Face Mask & Mud_

I went ahead and tested a few face masks as I needed one for my face. My face is quite oily and I needed something to get my paws open. Give your face the chance to breathe. It’s time to go bare people and embrace that amazing face you have. Take a look! Some highlighted ingredients below.

Black Mask (Peel)

Don’t Look At Me (Lush)

Fresh Organic Lemon Juice, Murumuru Butter, Grapefruit Oil, Organic Silken Tofu, Scrubs

Cupcake (Lush)

Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Absolute, Linseed Infusion, Rhassoul Mud

Brazened Honey (Lush)

Fresh Ginger Root, Fresh Organic Lime Juice, Fresh Fennel, Honey, Almond Oil

Purple Clay Mask (Sephora)

Water, Kaolin, Shea Butter

Hammam Rituals Body Mud

Right remember that game you used to play as a kid. Not that one… stuck in the mud. Turns out it’s not so bad to be stuck in the mud because it does wonders for your skin. That’s why there are mud bath and mud mask and mud things. I went digging and This Rituals Body Mud is actually amazing!

Full Version if you want, I won’t get offended it’s 17mins because I talk too much.

4. Rest_

Count some sheep and get some Z’s. Pinching your cheeks is not going to help to try and wake up. Stay WOKE and go out and Meditate or do some Yoga. You need to relax! I even added some free apps just in case you’re like antisocial like me and want to do it yourself.

3. Vitamins

Yes you still need to take those. Do some digging into these and see what will work for you. This may be another trial and error to see what really works for you. Swisse worked better for me than Perfectil but worked for a friend of mine. See how it goes but they are all highly recommended.



Vitamin A, C & D

Skin, Hair & Nails (Holland & Barrett)

2. What To Eat_

Let’s see, there are a few big words I need to use. Antioxidants and omega-3s. Fine, that wasn’t difficult, but they are good for the skin. Remember acne and wrinkles are part of the life process so don’t stress too much we already established that doesn’t help either. Take a look below. See any you like? Get eating! Tomatoes are not my thing, however, if mixed in food that takes away the taste, it’s perfectly fine. If that is the case for you, you can make it work too. Yes having it raw is always best but it’s better than not having it at all.

Dark Chocolate








1. What To Drink_


You probably guessed already. Yes, the answer is water, however, not everyone such as myself enjoys drinking plain water. If you do then get drinking! Have you noticed how some people have their clear bottle of water with an alien looking things inside? It’s just slices of fruit or veg. Gives the water a refreshing and somewhat different taste. I use lemon or lime slices, but you can get creative whatever impresses your tastebuds. I also drink flavoured water with no sugar and other no things. Have it hot or cold! Yay!

Aloe Vera Juice

Coconut Water

Green Tea 

White Tea

Rooibos Tea

Chamomile Tea

Spearmint Tea

The list sounds fancy right? Now for the Herbal tea, there are solutions to add some extra flavour and they are still healthy. I came across T2 they have loose teas and bagged tea with fresh ingredients with crazy names. Take a look this Green Rose Loose Leaf has mango, green tea, rose petals (exactly) and other bits. The taste is great!



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Hurt Me Tomorrow

Hurt Me Tomorrow

1. Take It In_

You have this piece of bad news that you want to tell me. Firstly you’re going to have to process it and it’s going to be difficult to deliver. So take it in and take your time.

2. Leave Me_

If I’m laughing and have this smile on my face. Wait! That’s only if this is the type of information that can’t wait. Let me feel this happiness. Let me take this in and have this right now.

3. Never A Good Time_

I know I said to wait but don’t wait too long. There is NEVER a good time to tell someone bad news. If there is a fun future event happening, I’d rather you tell me beforehand. The build up of you waiting is going to hurt as much as me finding out days upon days later.  I wish we didn’t have to listen to it or experience it! Unfortunately, we do. In many cases, it can be seen as a burden and we are expecting the other shoe will drop. Bad news can also strive us to grow as individuals. It’s unfortunate that in order for bad things to happen the good that rises against it can make a huge difference and impact.

4. Hold On_

Have you ever experienced someone laughing when they receive bad news, then wait and the crying starts. Weird I know. We all react to bad news different. So let it sink in. There’s going to be denial, confusion, anger, sadness. An entire load of emotion.

‘This ain’t a good time, but when is it ever.”

5. Do You Know How To Catch?_

If you’re bad at playing catch you better get learning. The bad news that follows will have people falling and they’re going to need you to catch them. If you’re still terrible at catching.  Grab someone’s that is good.

6. Bad News_

It doesn’t even have to be told to you by someone telling you. Switch on the TV, tune in on social media. There is always something. If I can have an hhour or a day just to feel and experience the good that is needed. We already know that the world is not 100% positive but we deserve that time. Have you seen those that live in worse situations still be able to smile. You think to yourself how do they do it.

7. Give It Time_

Some may recover quickly and some may never but they find a way to stand back up again. Don’t push it.

8. Embrace the good_

Once I have heard bad news about ours I feel awkward. How can I be smiling again when someone is hurting? That’s the thing we have to keep moving forward and embracing the good times we have, because you don’t know how long it’s going to last. I still care. If it’s my bad news well it will take me a while to get back up again… Just do me a favour and save it for tomorrow.

“The best way to heal a broken heart, it turns out, is to find a way to move past the hurt.”

-Mary Kay Andrews

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– Hurt Me Tomorrow –



Proud Mary

Proud Mary

To take the lead can be difficult whether you are a man or a woman. In history, however, it’s been seen that women are less “capable”. There are many arguments as to why but that’s all becoming background noise. The noise we need to be hearing are those that say I’ve got this and actually giving them the support they deserve to prove they do. I often don’t like using that word prove. I won’t prove it, I will simply show you. This will constantly be a debate like many other issues we are facing but by simply giving someone a chance and not being so difficult about their gender, you may learn a thing or two. Like how “capable” they are. I guess easy is simply boring and a challenge is more fun. There are many that will accept that challenge, hasn’t stopped people in the past. We should be equals, for those that push forward for us, we should support and push forward for them.


– Proud Mary –

Taraji P. Henson



Too Good At Goodbyes

Too Good At Goodbyes

Do you know what’s annoying about having a bad experience? That voice in the back of your mind. “Hey remember the time that didn’t work out and was a terrible disaster? You shouldn’t try that again, it’s just going to end the same way.” Your trust level goes down real quick and that wall has gotten even higher.

1. Assuming failure_

People will say you shouldn’t live life to assume things are going to fail. I’ve even said that to people. Why are you thinking so negatively? It suddenly dawned on me looking at my own experience, I found it’s not negativity. It’s about preparing yourself. You’ve seen the same thing play out before. It hasn’t stopped you from trying again but there’s just a delay getting your hopes up. It actually makes success that much greater!

2. Yay… bad experiences_

Is it bad to say that it’s better having these bad experiences? You become numb to those emotional rollercoaster rides. It makes it easier to overcome, so you don’t have to go on those rides anymore! You may come across as heartless but the truth is that you’ve been hurt so many times you just don’t feel it as much anymore. It’s important to feel it, but if I can get out of one situation ok then that would be great. Puffy eyes are the worst!

3. Opening Up_

When we open up to people we are taking a giant step. The trust step. Trusting that those words that flow out of your mouth will not be used as a weapon or be thrown back at you. We all see things differently. Your pain may not be my pain and my pain may not be your pain, but if we are open to see it. We can work together. There are way too many people feeling alone in this world.

4. Nervous_

You must think I’m stupid. You must think that I’m a fool. I’ve been here before and saw the rainbows and butterflies thinking finally I’m getting somewhere… then BAM! Black Lightning zaps me into reality (I don’t know how he got involved). My point is when you say to yourself. “This is it. This is the person or the thing I can put my all into. And I’m going to be accepted for who I am and not have it thrown back in my face.” It gets thrown and the closed sign goes up.

“And every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry.”

5. Saying Hello_

Saying goodbye may become easy, but saying hello becomes much more difficult. They never said life would be easy and there’s no in between. I appreciate the voice in my head and I appreciate those that will continue to try even though that wall may be sky high. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to protect yourself, considering those past experiences.

6. Cautious_

I’ve learned it’s fine to be cautious but I’m not going to live on eggshells. There could have been many people in history that remained to live that way and there wouldn’t have been as many changes as there is today. It’s a better feeling knowing that time you took a chance it finally turned out great.

7. The Pain_

The pain makes you stronger. 

8. Close To Me_

If you refuse to open up to someone that’s meant to be close to you, there’s a chance you’ll lose them. You may not have such a sad response to that as the last person you was close to hurt you. That’s the reason you don’t want to open up. Those that are meant to protect us, give us the biggest pain. I say tread lightly but don’t close off. Don’t give them the power of letting you miss out on something that can put you back together.

“History never really says goodbye. History says, See you later.” Eduardo Galeano

– Too Good At Goodbyes –

Sam Smith



Wonderful World

Wonderful World

You never know what is going on in the next room, the next house or the next person’s mind. When we make plans we expect them to go as planned. It’s more like we hope they go as planned as they don’t always do that. There can be a sudden occurrence that changes everything, completely throwing you off guard. As much as we don’t want to live in what ifs, it seems that we always will be.

1. Be Alert_

Keep on the lookout and be mindful of your surroundings. Like I said, you don’t know what other people are thinking. Whether they are behind the wheel, in the mall, in the store… basically anywhere!

2. Don’t Judge_

You may have that sixth sense and think you know someone’s dodgy. Don’t just assume because that sweet old lady may be able to bounce you around like a basketball. I know bad example but you get what I’m saying. People are being judged lately because of their appearance when the threat could be right in your face. It doesn’t mean you stop being cautious.

3. Support_

Support one another in times of trouble. Be there through it all whether it’s something major or when someone thinks it’s minor. All of our eyes need to be open.

4. Speak Out_

If you see anything! Make sure you are in a safe and good place to say something! Everything we see and hear can be important. Just don’t be nosey but even that can sometimes help. I mean no harm done when it helps right? 😀

“I know that it’s a wonderful world but I can’t feel it right now.”

5. A hero_

Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man and a dozen other superheroes are awesome. Thinking you can be one of them can be dangerous, although there are real-life heroes that go above and beyond when they don’t need to. If you are one of those people that run towards danger. Do your thing but still be careful! Heroes are inspiring and they come in different shapes and sizes. I will always repeat them. Remember if you’ve done all that you could don’t let that bring you down.

6. Fear_

You ever watch a horror movie and find yourself screaming at the TV wondering why they won’t run or move. “If that was me I would have…” YOU WOULDN’T or maybe you would, BUT for most people when that fear kicks in your mind races, you freeze, you go into shock! Don’t feel bad. It happens to the best of us even those that may be trained to overcome fears and act in difficult situations. Just try and move.

7. Live_

You may hear “You’re still young you have so much life left.” or “You should go and live your life.” These things we are trying to do but lately they’ve been cut short for too many reasons that can have things put in place to prevent them. I’m not going to get into it. The point is too finds things in your life that keep you laughing and smiling. This world is wonderful, the sites, the culture and so much more. I want to be remembered smiling.

8. Feel_

Feel the loses, let that be your fuel. There has been a lot of tragedy but with those tragedies, there has been unity. Change for the better is coming. It has been proven to work over the years as there are many people capable of doing things they wouldn’t have 40 years ago. It takes time but united we can make a difference.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale



– Wonderful World –

James Morrison


Taking Chances

Taking Chances

We all have paths we need to head down in life, but sometimes we lose the sense of direction. When we’re lost we ask for directions. That would be the common thing to do, but what if I take a chance for myself. Think of it this way.

1. Where I Want To Be_

I know where I would like to end up but sometimes taking the easy option and having someone help you, loses that sense of adventure, independence, and even pride. On the other hand, it can be annoying if I end up becoming even more lost than I was in the first. That’s the point, isn’t it? Taking that chance and seeing where it takes you.

2. Experience_

It’s either going to be a bumpy or smooth ride. I already know once you’ve taken that chance on someone or something you immediately assume all the possible outcomes. NOTHING can fully prepare you! Unless you’ve got a time machine that I didn’t know about. It may be your history and now you assume it’s just going to end up the same way… STOP ASSUMING! This journey could open so many doors to new experiences. Learning things around you or even about you.

3. Somewhere Better_

You’re still thinking of the negatives! We already know taking a chance is taking a leap and a bunch of other taking stuff. It could lead you somewhere better than you expected. You won’t know until you try. See where it takes you.

4. Risky_

Fine, say things do go downhill like Jack did. The first thing you’ll probably do is try to make it work. If it still continues to slip through your fingers, forget the adventure, independence, and pride. Ask for help! You’ve already shown you tried to do it on your own. Sometimes there is a limit. I have seen many people lost and refuse to get help. They see it as a sign of weakness. It’s not! I can understand why you would think that way. You had a choice and now you’ve put yourself in this mess. It’s only messy if you continue to look at it that way. Reach out!

“What do you say to takin’ chances?”

5. Back-Up Plan_

Don’t think just because you made that decision you can’t change your mind. If you feel this leap may have you stuck in the mud, come up with a backup plan. Give yourself some other avenues. If I can walk, drive, bus, train, jog, run, hoverboard down the street. I’m open to other options and possibilities. No one can fault you for trying even though some people won’t let it go.

6. Encourage_

Encourage other’s to take that leap. Sometimes we need to support the people around us and give them that push! Later on down the line, you may receive a thank you card, or tweet, or Instagram tag.

7. Taking the chance_

I have taken many chances. Some worked out and some didn’t. Of course, I had those tell me they warned me. They sure did but it was me learned and found out so much about myself in certain circumstances. I had so much more to give and it is so much more for them to receive.

8. What Do You Say?_

You ready to take it?

“Just keep taking chances and having fun.” – Garth Brooks


– Taking Chances –

Celine Dion

Fight Song

Fight Song

We seem to be told that we are entitled to our opinion. If that was the case, I would have been heard by now. So I just bit my tongue … not really that would hurt, I trapped my tongue behind my teeth. Why speak when clearly no one wants to hear it.

1. That Small Boat On The Ocean_

I don’t think there’s a point in you being acknowledged. Your voice should get lost in the wind. It’s obvious anything you’ll say will prove you have no idea what you’re talking about…right? Well, neither do other people. We don’t have answers for everything, we have theories and speculations. So why do people think it’s ok to make you feel stuck? Voiceless? Why should we all be screaming over one another? No matter what age or gender or who we are, we all have something to say. We all have something we feel. It’s time to stop ignoring and listen. Time to stop closing our eyes and open then wide.

2. The Build Up_

The more we are silenced. The more we chose to stay quiet. It begins piles on like a sack of potatoes (Dunno why I used that) The number of things that race through your mind is like a mouse on a spinning wheel. You just want to explode and blurt out everything. Instead, we implode. The reason you’re not saying anything is that they have power over you? No one will believe you? Hear you? I was always led to believe what I say didn’t matter or I was just wrong. If that is the case let me be wrong, but let me speak! I could easily be right too. Maybe it’s you that’s too scared to hear it.

3. Listen_

They say the quiet ones are the worst and THAT is because they’re taking everything in. All this time piling those potatoes, you need to be able to back yourself up as well. I mean you never let me speak before so I’m going to relay something you’ll want to hear.

4. Prove Yourself_

I really don’t like the term prove yourself. I understand why it’s used but I need to prove to myself my capabilities and then I will show you. Just that. Show you. If you approve or if you don’t it comes back to me. So as long as I have proven to myself and I’m happy with me that’s what matters.

“This is my fight song, take back my life song.”

4. Your Voice, Their Voice_

We all have a story that can make some form of change or have a huge input. Instead of having people voices drown or have them disappear. They should be heard. If they can’t do it by themselves another voice wouldn’t hurt to help them out. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means whatever or whoever kept bringing you down has made it difficult to get back up.

5. In too deep_

You should think before you act. I’ve been thinking for so long. That suppression is enough. There may be a backlash from the moment I open my mouth or the light will finally be visible in this tunnel I’ve been under. This is me taking a stand. This is the strength that I have built up all this time.

6. You Sure_

If what you have to say may cause a rift. Are you ready? Things are about to change. We don’t know how things will end up but if you feel it’s time. Then go for it. Your voice matters.

7. Take Back_

This is about getting your voice back. Take your voice back. There is no more room for hesitation. Take back what was taken from you. You deserve it. We’ve been in fear but no it’s time to turn that into strength. I mean you’ll still be scared that’s not going to just disappear but let it empower you. Move forward. Keep going!

8. Keep Fighting_

I got a hand and now I’m reaching out mine. I will keep fighting and moving forward because that’s the only direction life is heading. If no one else believes that I can then they can fall behind. I’ve found my voice.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Gandhi


– Fight Song –

Rachel Platten