Taking Chances

We all have paths we need to head down in life, but sometimes we lose the sense of direction. When we’re lost we ask for directions. That would be the common thing to do, but what if I take a chance for myself. Think of it this way.

1. Where I Want To Be_

I know where I would like to end up but sometimes taking the easy option and having someone help you, loses that sense of adventure, independence, and even pride. On the other hand, it can be annoying if I end up becoming even more lost than I was in the first. That’s the point, isn’t it? Taking that chance and seeing where it takes you.

2. Experience_

It’s either going to be a bumpy or smooth ride. I already know once you’ve taken that chance on someone or something you immediately assume all the possible outcomes. NOTHING can fully prepare you! Unless you’ve got a time machine that I didn’t know about. It may be your history and now you assume it’s just going to end up the same way… STOP ASSUMING! This journey could open so many doors to new experiences. Learning things around you or even about you.

3. Somewhere Better_

You’re still thinking of the negatives! We already know taking a chance is taking a leap and a bunch of other taking stuff. It could lead you somewhere better than you expected. You won’t know until you try. See where it takes you.

4. Risky_

Fine, say things do go downhill like Jack did. The first thing you’ll probably do is try to make it work. If it still continues to slip through your fingers, forget the adventure, independence, and pride. Ask for help! You’ve already shown you tried to do it on your own. Sometimes there is a limit. I have seen many people lost and refuse to get help. They see it as a sign of weakness. It’s not! I can understand why you would think that way. You had a choice and now you’ve put yourself in this mess. It’s only messy if you continue to look at it that way. Reach out!

“What do you say to takin’ chances?”

5. Back-Up Plan_

Don’t think just because you made that decision you can’t change your mind. If you feel this leap may have you stuck in the mud, come up with a backup plan. Give yourself some other avenues. If I can walk, drive, bus, train, jog, run, hoverboard down the street. I’m open to other options and possibilities. No one can fault you for trying even though some people won’t let it go.

6. Encourage_

Encourage other’s to take that leap. Sometimes we need to support the people around us and give them that push! Later on down the line, you may receive a thank you card, or tweet, or Instagram tag.

7. Taking the chance_

I have taken many chances. Some worked out and some didn’t. Of course, I had those tell me they warned me. They sure did but it was me learned and found out so much about myself in certain circumstances. I had so much more to give and it is so much more for them to receive.

8. What Do You Say?_

You ready to take it?

“Just keep taking chances and having fun.” – Garth Brooks


– Taking Chances –

Celine Dion


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