Don’t Let Me Down

I mentioned before about getting stuck. It will forever be an ongoing thing. We all need someone whether we realise it or not. It can be someone you’ve known for years or even a few seconds.

The person that I need is no longer here. I say their name and they can’t hear me. They are no longer by my side. It is not by choice. It’s because of circumstances that have occurred. Now we are thousands of miles apart. The lucky thing however is I can still reach out to them. They may not be there for me as quickly as they were before but I can still count on them. I thought distance would be a problem and we always think that way. It is different. Having to wait because of the time zone. Having to wait because they’re are busy. Thankfully for me I know it’s worth the wait, because that message and that conversation means more to me. I can vent and be upset but know I will be okay at the end. Knowing my next step and laughing at why I was upset in the first place!!

Unfortunately there are those that wish to speak to people but are no longer here. There are also those that have had people walk away by choice. I am not taking the person I now have for granted. Sure it’s difficult to trust someone new but there was no fear this time. It was an instant trust and that’s something to hang on to. I know I won’t be let down. It may still be at the back of my mind, but doubt always is. In this case this friendship overpowers it.

It can be difficult to take that leap but I’ve been taught to take the risk. It can turn out to be something amazing. If it doesn’t then at least you had the strength to do so. That’s just life everything is not going to be easy you can be left behind, you can be forgotten about, you can get hurt. It’s those challenges and the negative things we fall from that will make us that much stronger and that much wiser to get back up.

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– Don’t Let Me Down –

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