Let It Go

Let It Go

When that relationship begins whatever it is, what should go through our minds? How long will it last or how long we hope it will last? I guess those are the questions we shouldn’t ask, but we do! Whether it’s right at the beginning or throughout the relationship. It’s not a negative thought, there are many emotions that are related to those questions.

1. Emotions_

Fear because you don’t want to lose the relationship. Sadness because you might lose the relationship. Surprised because you even have the relationship. Happiness because you still have the relationship. Anger because you’re still in it.

2. Red Zone_

There it is people. The anger part or annoyed or bored. Whatever it is you’re in the red. Now every relationship goes into the red zone (Not red for love, red for danger!!!!!). There are many that chose to push through it, fight it or just stay in it. If you chose to stay in it then that is one miserable relationship. Unless we are looking at it from a red meaning love perspective. There is no point in remaining in something that just makes you feel stuck like you can’t be happy again.

3. Time_

Time to let it go. I’d rather be able to wake up in the morning and recognize myself, then seeing a complete stranger. When you lose yourself it can become harder to get back. You could have even spent that time before you met that person finding yourself and to have that taken away, is not worth it.

4. Be Free_

Ain’t no clouds in my sky (Although London is not helping in that weather department). Chose to let it go. Be free to be you again.

“So come on, let it go, Just let it be, Why don’t you be you, And I’ll be me.”

5. Don’t Compare_

The same questions will come to mind in a new relationship but don’t compare it to the last. Otherwise, you’re just going to start in the red zone. That is something I really need to realize. Clearly, I have because I just said it, but I need to take action! The next relationship may be the same as before but GUESS WHAT, it’s like searching for a pair of really nice new trainers (Sneakers, Zapatillas, Baskets). You may find it quickly or have to search to a website abroad and get it shipped over taking longer but it will be worth the wait!! (Gotta love my examples!).

6. Not Just Relationships_

This could be about work or any decision you made that you feel you need to let go of. Sometimes we find ourselves in tough situations where it’s not easy to just let go. We can make the first step in the right direction. We all have goals and the light at the end of the tunnel even if it feels like it’s miles away. Keep pushing!

7. Just Let It Be_

There are going to be others that would want to have an input into your decision. You can receive them but this is about you. This is about your situation. Let it be and bring on the next chapter.

8. Smile_

We all know we need more smiles.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell


– Let It Go –

James Bay


Proud Mary

Proud Mary

To take the lead can be difficult whether you are a man or a woman. In history, however, it’s been seen that women are less “capable”. There are many arguments as to why but that’s all becoming background noise. The noise we need to be hearing are those that say I’ve got this and actually giving them the support they deserve to prove they do. I often don’t like using that word prove. I won’t prove it, I will simply show you. This will constantly be a debate like many other issues we are facing but by simply giving someone a chance and not being so difficult about their gender, you may learn a thing or two. Like how “capable” they are. I guess easy is simply boring and a challenge is more fun. There are many that will accept that challenge, hasn’t stopped people in the past. We should be equals, for those that push forward for us, we should support and push forward for them.


– Proud Mary –

Taraji P. Henson



Taking Chances

Taking Chances

We all have paths we need to head down in life, but sometimes we lose the sense of direction. When we’re lost we ask for directions. That would be the common thing to do, but what if I take a chance for myself. Think of it this way.

1. Where I Want To Be_

I know where I would like to end up but sometimes taking the easy option and having someone help you, loses that sense of adventure, independence, and even pride. On the other hand, it can be annoying if I end up becoming even more lost than I was in the first. That’s the point, isn’t it? Taking that chance and seeing where it takes you.

2. Experience_

It’s either going to be a bumpy or smooth ride. I already know once you’ve taken that chance on someone or something you immediately assume all the possible outcomes. NOTHING can fully prepare you! Unless you’ve got a time machine that I didn’t know about. It may be your history and now you assume it’s just going to end up the same way… STOP ASSUMING! This journey could open so many doors to new experiences. Learning things around you or even about you.

3. Somewhere Better_

You’re still thinking of the negatives! We already know taking a chance is taking a leap and a bunch of other taking stuff. It could lead you somewhere better than you expected. You won’t know until you try. See where it takes you.

4. Risky_

Fine, say things do go downhill like Jack did. The first thing you’ll probably do is try to make it work. If it still continues to slip through your fingers, forget the adventure, independence, and pride. Ask for help! You’ve already shown you tried to do it on your own. Sometimes there is a limit. I have seen many people lost and refuse to get help. They see it as a sign of weakness. It’s not! I can understand why you would think that way. You had a choice and now you’ve put yourself in this mess. It’s only messy if you continue to look at it that way. Reach out!

“What do you say to takin’ chances?”

5. Back-Up Plan_

Don’t think just because you made that decision you can’t change your mind. If you feel this leap may have you stuck in the mud, come up with a backup plan. Give yourself some other avenues. If I can walk, drive, bus, train, jog, run, hoverboard down the street. I’m open to other options and possibilities. No one can fault you for trying even though some people won’t let it go.

6. Encourage_

Encourage other’s to take that leap. Sometimes we need to support the people around us and give them that push! Later on down the line, you may receive a thank you card, or tweet, or Instagram tag.

7. Taking the chance_

I have taken many chances. Some worked out and some didn’t. Of course, I had those tell me they warned me. They sure did but it was me learned and found out so much about myself in certain circumstances. I had so much more to give and it is so much more for them to receive.

8. What Do You Say?_

You ready to take it?

“Just keep taking chances and having fun.” – Garth Brooks


– Taking Chances –

Celine Dion

Fight Song

Fight Song

We seem to be told that we are entitled to our opinion. If that was the case, I would have been heard by now. So I just bit my tongue … not really that would hurt, I trapped my tongue behind my teeth. Why speak when clearly no one wants to hear it.

1. That Small Boat On The Ocean_

I don’t think there’s a point in you being acknowledged. Your voice should get lost in the wind. It’s obvious anything you’ll say will prove you have no idea what you’re talking about…right? Well, neither do other people. We don’t have answers for everything, we have theories and speculations. So why do people think it’s ok to make you feel stuck? Voiceless? Why should we all be screaming over one another? No matter what age or gender or who we are, we all have something to say. We all have something we feel. It’s time to stop ignoring and listen. Time to stop closing our eyes and open then wide.

2. The Build Up_

The more we are silenced. The more we chose to stay quiet. It begins piles on like a sack of potatoes (Dunno why I used that) The number of things that race through your mind is like a mouse on a spinning wheel. You just want to explode and blurt out everything. Instead, we implode. The reason you’re not saying anything is that they have power over you? No one will believe you? Hear you? I was always led to believe what I say didn’t matter or I was just wrong. If that is the case let me be wrong, but let me speak! I could easily be right too. Maybe it’s you that’s too scared to hear it.

3. Listen_

They say the quiet ones are the worst and THAT is because they’re taking everything in. All this time piling those potatoes, you need to be able to back yourself up as well. I mean you never let me speak before so I’m going to relay something you’ll want to hear.

4. Prove Yourself_

I really don’t like the term prove yourself. I understand why it’s used but I need to prove to myself my capabilities and then I will show you. Just that. Show you. If you approve or if you don’t it comes back to me. So as long as I have proven to myself and I’m happy with me that’s what matters.

“This is my fight song, take back my life song.”

4. Your Voice, Their Voice_

We all have a story that can make some form of change or have a huge input. Instead of having people voices drown or have them disappear. They should be heard. If they can’t do it by themselves another voice wouldn’t hurt to help them out. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means whatever or whoever kept bringing you down has made it difficult to get back up.

5. In too deep_

You should think before you act. I’ve been thinking for so long. That suppression is enough. There may be a backlash from the moment I open my mouth or the light will finally be visible in this tunnel I’ve been under. This is me taking a stand. This is the strength that I have built up all this time.

6. You Sure_

If what you have to say may cause a rift. Are you ready? Things are about to change. We don’t know how things will end up but if you feel it’s time. Then go for it. Your voice matters.

7. Take Back_

This is about getting your voice back. Take your voice back. There is no more room for hesitation. Take back what was taken from you. You deserve it. We’ve been in fear but no it’s time to turn that into strength. I mean you’ll still be scared that’s not going to just disappear but let it empower you. Move forward. Keep going!

8. Keep Fighting_

I got a hand and now I’m reaching out mine. I will keep fighting and moving forward because that’s the only direction life is heading. If no one else believes that I can then they can fall behind. I’ve found my voice.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Gandhi


– Fight Song –

Rachel Platten